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6 Applications worth taking a look at of White Mineral oil

   September 10, 2022

White mineral oil is a wonder product at present. You might wonder why it is so. This particular oil is a highly refined mineral oil consisting of highly refined paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons derived from crude oil.

Now, this might seem difficult for you, as you are not accustomed to its chemical composition. But what will attract you is its application in our daily life. 

Being transparent, odorless, tasteless, hydrophobic, and non-soluble in water and alcohol, you can conveniently use it for various purposes.

Starting from treating your skin to relieving constipation to getting rid of dandruff, you get a myriad of uses for this oil.

Main uses of this oil

In short, some of its uses have been mentioned above. But you might want to know more about this mineral oil. So read the following points given below, and you will surely fall for White mineral oil.

1. Dull skin
Winters can be painful with dry and dull skin. But if you rub your skin with this oil, then be sure to get surprised when you get soft, healthy, and glowy skin. 

The sole reason is that the oil locks the moisture of your skin, when you apply it after your bath.

You can even find much commercial skin care moisturizing products with this oil as one of the key ingredients. You can opt for these products also.

2. Cracked feet
If you are suffering from dry and cracked feet, then apply this oil on the feet and wear socks to feel the soothing effect. With regular usage, the dullness and dryness will slowly disappear.

3. Earwax
Earwax can be troublesome for you if there is no tube or hole in your eardrum. Drawing out the excess wax can be easily done after applying two to three drops of this oil procured from reputed white mineral oil manufacturers.

4. Constipation
A smooth functioning stomach is essential for proper food intake and digestion. But this is only possible if your bowel movement is regular.

 White mineral oil can assist in the good bowel movement of your body. You can take it orally, or, as an enema, or even find it in many laxatives. The moisture of your stool will remain stagnant and lubricate the bowel so that there is no resistance during the passing of the stool.

 5. Baby care
You may not know, but the baby oil you use is mineral oil with added fragrance. The diaper rashes and cradle cap can be a major problem for your baby. This oil will provide relief to your child from dry skin and rashes experienced due to these conditions.

Inflammation on your baby’s skin as a result of diaper rash can be avoided once you apply this oil to their skin. 

In the case of a cradle cap, leave this oil on the scalp of your baby for a few hours, and then use a mild shampoo to remove the oil. It is because excessive exposure to this oil can worsen the condition of your baby.

6. Treating dandruff
The white flakes on your scalp can make you embarrassed in a public place, or at a family gathering. You might have tried many solutions, from shampoos to gels and what not.

For a change, try this oil from the recognized and popular white mineral oil manufacturers and keep it for an hour on your scalp. Finally, wash it off, and you will notice that your dry, flaky skin will soften, and the moisture will be sealed, thereby reducing the chances of the occurrence of dandruff.

After reading about these positive attributes of this oil, you might want to buy one for yourself. For that, you need to contact renowned white mineral oil suppliers to get a genuine product and finally use it correctly and safely. 
For more information, visit this website: https://www.pciplindia.com/product-detail/White-Mineral-Oil or call +91-265-6126000 or email at info@prakashchemicals.com

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