Prakash Chemicals America INC (PCAI): Tailored Solutions for Chemical Business

Prakash Chemicals America offers tailored chemical solutions, logistic expertise, and competitive pricing. With a focus on application development, custom manufacturing, and hassle-free documentation, we ensure your business thrives.

July 29, 2022

Prakash Chemicals America INC (PCAI) is the subsidiary company of Prakash Chemicals International Pvt. Ltd. (PCIPL), which is present in more than 100 countries and provides service to more than 5000+ customers worldwide with PCAI.


Our vision is to provide an array of quality special chemicals and ingredients with tailor-fit application and supply chain solutions, technical and formulation support, and regulatory knowledge for industries like cosmetics, personal care, fragrances, flavors, and the paint industry. Prakash Chemicals is present in the USA, with our perfectly managed warehouses strategically located. The knowledge is spread through highly innovative services and a business model that delivers end-to-end services.

Our Business Units

Our three Business Units, Ace, Max and Pro, showcase this philosophy that gives a competitive advantage to our company. Through these units, we envelop the entire value chain – from distribution to customized manufacturing and R&D, from commodity range of chemicals to performance and speciality and chemicals, thereby delivering a one-of-the-kind experience to our valued clients. ACE, MAX and PRO are not just our business units but a way of life at Prakash Chemicals in how we deliver value to our stakeholders through expertise in market, application and product knowledge which serves as an advantage unique to Prakash.

Below are the factors of why your priority should always be Prakash Chemicals

1. Long-term contracts at consistent and market-linked pricing: Market-Linked Investments allows us to position our portfolio for volatile markets and provide diversification, which is difficult to achieve with traditional investments. Some of the assets we consider to link include market indices, individual stocks, commodities, foreign exchange and interest rates.

2. A deeper understanding of customer requirements for product, performance and application:  Customer needs and wants are the motivation behind a customer's decision-making process. We at Prakash Chemicals strive to fulfil the consumer's desire that drives them to purchase a product and to pick that product over another. We study customers' needs to provide better products, marketing strategies and customer service.

3. Comprehensive logistic solution: Integrated logistics being a business management model, we adhere to it to accelerate product delivery and improve customer service. In this model, we align all departments, processes and resources to work in perfect sync and operate as one comprehensive unit.

4. Application development: A business application is a computer software solution or a set of programs that enhances business functionality. Henceforth, we use it to boost and monitor productivity throughout the organization. We use these business applications to run the business externally, internally cohesively, or with other business apps.

5. Highly competitive pricing through the scale of operations: We, Prakash, manufacturing specialists, determine the production process for a particular product and strategise how to mass-produce it. It helps develop relative manufacturing costs that affect market pricing.

6. Custom manufacturing and contractual agreements:  We use the contract manufacturing system to make specific components or products over a specified period by entering into a deal with other companies to provide custom-based products. This method is used to engineer products according to the customer specifications.

7. Hassle-free documentation: The critical aspect of a paperless office is revisiting the paper processes. We at Prakash ensure to take advantage of the digital capabilities to improve or automate the efficiency of documentation, collaboration, workflows and other business processes. 

8. Raw material sourcing, financial support and bulk storage: We thoroughly predict our inventory and supply need. We even ensure bulk storage solutions to keep materials as safe and protected as possible.

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