Precipitated Silica: Versatile Solutions for Industrial Needs

Explore the vast industrial landscape where precipitated silica shines. From reinforcing rubber to enhancing pharmaceuticals, this versatile substance proves essential across diverse sectors, driving innovation and precision in countless applications.

September 08, 2022

When you buy new shoes or have exquisite food, you never delve into its composition. These days one of the prime elements precipitated silica is present in them.

Many firms are manufacturing it and supplying it to various industries where it is in demand. 

This article aims to throw light on the various areas where this material plays a major role in their manufacturing process.

 What is this compound?

It is simply a shapeless form of silica available in white colour with a powdery texture. The main ingredient from which it is obtained via precipitation is the solution containing silica salt. 

Amorphous silica is mainly categorized into three classes: pyrogenic silica, precipitated silica, and silica gel.

Major industrial applications of this compound

Being a highly versatile inorganic chemical in nature, it can be easily blended and used in industrial processes. Thus, the prime application sectors for this material, are mentioned below.

1. Adhesive

The reinforcement and thickening properties help it to strengthen the bond that is required in adhesives. 

When the scattered silica particles present in the liquid adhesive quickly harden as soon as it comes in touch with the solid surface. In case of spray-dried resins, it acts as a free-flowing agent.

2. Footwear

Have you ever noticed, why your shoe soles resist wear and tear after prolonged usage? It is because of the precipitated silica.  The superior durability, resilience, and non-scuffing characteristics make it the perfect choice for industrial purposes.

The coloured end products often require white reinforcement, and this compound serves the purpose.

3. Rubber

Precipitated silica is one of the prime constituents in manufacturing tires, industrial rubber, silicone rubber, and footwear. 

The uncured rubber shelf life is increased to a considerable extent to provide more mileage and enhanced performance for your beloved vehicle.

4. Conveyor and transmission belts

The smaller particle size and complicated aggregate structure of precipitated silica provide high tear strength to conveyor belts. The elastomer compounds are given the highest degree of reinforcement to prevent cracking and cutting the growth of power transmission belts.

 5. Pesticides

The cheaper clays can also serve the purpose of manufacturing pesticides. But characteristics like high absorption, quicker suspensibility, greater compatibility with major toxicants, and better stability make it a thumbs up for application in pesticides.

Further, it is used as a carrier and diluent despite its extended storage in tropical conditions.

Generally, the commercial grade compound is the vital component in various factories engaged in manufacturing the above products.

The future of this compound

The growing demand for precipitated silica in the food industry due to its anti-caking properties and high absorbability has gained momentum in the market in the past few years. 

The growth will be further spurred due to its wider applicability in the rubber industry to produce micro sheets, rice rollers, PVC sheets, etc. 

Moreover, the existing players are constantly increasing their production capacity leading to a reduction in their prices. It is favourable news for you.

The two factors that influence your decision for buying this material are its quality and price. Since the market is highly competitive, you can easily find the appropriate supplier who performs well in both parameters.

Though there is tough competition, the players are quite limited. Hence, while purchasing this compound, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the trend prevailing currently in the market.

One of the best attributes of this material is that it can be customized to suit your specification, as product requirements vary for each individual.
Last, but not least, you can procure precipitated silica at ease from a reputed firm and use it to serve your purpose.

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