Market Insights and Future Prospects of Methylene Chloride

Discover the diverse role of methylene chloride across industries, from tea flavoring to spacecraft coatings. Gain insights into market dynamics, trends, and future projections shaping the demand for this essential chemical compound.

July 19, 2022

Do you ever try flavored teas? Well, you may have tasted the premium quality of tea in that flavored tea. But do you know the tannin contained in that tea was very less? Yes, because dichloromethane is used in that tea blend to reduce the tannin percentage and induce a rich flavor. 

Similarly, in coffee blends, to induce flavored aromas, methylene chloride is used to decaffeinate the beverage. The application of this compound is huge in other aspects also. This component is widely used in the automobile industry to degrease the coating. 

In painting also, methylene dichloride is used to remove paints and other coatings from any surface. For this reason, the application of this chemical substance is extensively used in spacecraft. With the increasing application, the demand for this product is continuously increasing. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, this chemical compound is used as a cleaner. This chemical compound can quickly clean the medical equipment and prevent damage to high sensitive parts. Therefore, the increasing popularity of this compound is gaining more demand in the market. 

Let’s find out the price fluctuation of this chemical compound with the latest parameters. The following section is taking different zones across the globe to analyze the demand for this chemical compound and its influence on the price.

In Asia-Pacific region 

This chemical compound has gained momentum growth in this region in the beginning quarter of 2022. The price is very stable in this region over the last two quarters. The main dominating country in this region is China and India. The supply of this chemical is intact thus price is observed here low. 

1. The manufacturing units are running smoothly in India and the supply is way more than demand, which resulted in low prices. 

2. With the extended lockdown in Chinese cities over these months, the export of this chemical is low here. 

3. On the other hand, demand is low because domestic consumption is observed quite low. 

In the North American region 

The demand for this chemical compound is in its peak in the USA market in the last few months. The painting industry has used this chemical the most. Therefore, a shortfall of demand has been observed harem which leads to a hike in the price. However, due to increasing demand from one industry, the price of this chemical is not fluctuating. 

1. The supply of this chemical in the USA market is stopped because of the ongoing war in Ukraine. However, some ports are now cleared to pass foreign exports, which can increase the supply to the States. 

2. Due to the low supply, the demand has increased but the storage of enough chemicals is mitigating the price fluctuation. The price would get stable in the next quarter for sure. 

In the European Market 

Among the all-region, the price of this chemical is the highest in the European Union. Because of price instability, the demand for the chemical has spiked suddenly, mainly from the painting industry. However, the growth of the painting industry is at its peak now but the price of this chemical compound is now the highest here. 

1. Due to the increase in demand, the production units see potential growth here. But with the existence of supply barriers, the price of the chemical has sharply increased over years. 

2. Along with the price of this chemical, the cost of production has also increased in this quarter. 

After the analysis of the world’s major regions, the demand for the chemical will remain increased in the next quarter also. But, the supply is completely dependent on the export factors. Promoting exports can only stabilize the price of this chemical. 

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