Unlocking MEK's Potential: Top 5 Industrial Uses

Explore MEKO, a key industrial solvent from MEK. It's used in cleaning, plastics, paints, and bonding. Ensure safety in handling due to its flammable nature. Discover its versatile applications.

September 06, 2022

The primary question that any individual would ask about methylethyl ketone oxime (MEKO) is what is it all about? This is a technical term that the people engaged in manufacturing industries might know as they are accustomed to such chemicals.

It is an organic compound with the formula C2H5C(NOH)CH3. The primary compound is Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) and its oxime derivate is MEKO.


It is a colourless liquid with a 152OC boiling point, a density of 923 kg/m3, and a melting point of -15OC.

It's working

Being an industrial solvent, the industrial processes apply this chemical in varied manufacturing processes and products.

Methylethyl ketone oxime is a highly effective solvent and the common ingredient in filtering resins, coatings, and mixtures. Aside from this, it is in high demand among plastic, inks, and dye manufacturers.

The main reactivity of this chemical hovers around the hydrogen atoms and the carbonyl group. Many other chemicals that can react with this compound for the formation of resins include phenol, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, etc.

5 major areas of application

Some of the prime areas where it is applied are listed below for your reference.

1. Cleaning agent

Are you planning to remove the worn-out coatings from the wood or metals? Go for methylethyl ketone oxime. This compound is the perfect solution that will enable you to remove residual glue, dirt, grease, paint, or previous coating layers that are eroding gradually.
Before you apply new paint or install any parts, try cleaning the exteriors with this chemical for the best result.

2. Petrochemical plastics

This compound also acts as a hardener in manufacturing resins and synthetic rubber. Moreover, plastic production firms use it as a solvent.

3. Paints, dyes, and glue

Have you ever used whiteners for rectification in your hard copy writings, the sharp smell that you have smelled is methylethyl ketone oxime?  Here also it is applied to ensure smooth flow of the ink and its slow evaporating property makes it a distinct ingredient.

Since it readily dissolves, so it is actively used in paints products, lacquer, and other varnishes, paint remover, and glue.

4. Curing agent

 Another noteworthy feature of methylethyl ketone oxime is the ability to act as a curing agent. It is a catalyst for the processing of vinyl and polyester resins. 

The fibreglass and plastic manufacturing industry always vouch for this chemical due to this feature. It primarily cures the resin during its reaction with it to solidify the material from the liquid state. 

5. Bonding and manufacturing

 Being an efficient plastic welding agent, this chemical is preferred by all plastic manufacturing units. Apart from dissolving various plastics, including polystyrene, it can bind them as well.

The textile industries and paraffin wax manufacturers also use it. This compound dissolves the surface where it is incorporated and slowly evaporates while acting like a welding agent. Thereby, leaving no mark for its existence.

Protective measures

For your safety, it is always better to store this chemical in a non-reactive container in a cool dry place that is out of the reach of children (if present at your home).

Chemical-resistant gloves and personal protective suits to cover the exposed areas of your skin will enable you to handle it properly without undergoing any major problems.

Make sure that the ventilation of your house or the area where this chemical is being dealt with is adequate so that there is no scope for catching fire as methylethyl ketone oxime is flammable and is reactive to most oxidizing materials.

All is fine, till the time you are careful with this reactive chemical. 

In conclusion, it can be inferred that this chemical is very useful in various industries but it requires expert management during the application.
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