Guiding five manufacturers of caustic soda in the chemical industry

July 07, 2022

Also known as lye, caustic soda has various applications, including homemade biodiesel, candle making, soap making, food preparation, and other chemistry experiments.  The companies and the caustic soda suppliers manufacturing and supplying caustic soda are presenting the same to the petroleum industry to be used as an additive in drilling mud. 

The products from the reputed caustic soda manufacturers will help increase the mud viscosity and neutralize acid gases as drilling starts to progress. Some reports cover the vendor related to manufacturing, supplying and exporting the caustic soda. 

The top 5 suppliers in the caustic soda market in Dubai are The Dow Chemical Company, BASF SE, Solvay, PPG Industries, Inc. and FMC Corporation.

Industrial soda ash

You can try your hands on Industrial soda ash from the reputed professionals in the market these days. The Industrial soda ash dense is the industrial version of the anhydrous sodium carbonate. 

1. It is a colorless version of a transparent crystalline compound known as washing soda.

2. Soda ash is produced by the ammonia soda method with the help of carbon dioxide and ammonia for treating sodium chloride.

3. The natural mineral Trona is also a significant sodium carbonate source. It is one major part of multiple manufacturing and industry processes with various industrial uses. 

Current caustic soda tendencies

The current trend is the use of aluminum in the transport sector, which is supported by increased vehicle sales and higher aluminum intensity in train production and new vehicles in Asia pacific regions. It has seen an increased use of caustic soda in alumina production as the primary solution for caustic soda. It is the aluminium industry's main chemical to separate alumina from bauxite.

Crushed Refined Soda

Also known as CRS, the crushed refined soda is a natural version of sodium sesquicarbonate, which can be procured after crushing and washing the trona ore. It is known to have a chemical composition of around Na2CO3.NaHCO3.2H2O. It is available in a white crystalline solid. CRS is the primary source of sodium carbonate in the USA. It is often used in deodorants, hair care and bathing products.

A most significant application for caustic soda

1. Plastic  coatings production   

You can see the proper use of caustic soda in plastic coating production. In terms of plastic pipes, the caustic materials will cause a chemical reaction to produce heat and melt or warp the pipe. 

2. The metal cleaning industry in metallurgy

As caustic soda dissolves the grease, fats, oil and protein-based deposit, it is added to water and then heated up. It is used to clean the process equipment and storage tanks.

3. Leather and tanning Industry

Caustic soda is known to have more robust and faster reactivity than other alkali options. The leather process makes corrosive skin stable, flexible and permanent natural material for multiple applications.

These are a few areas where you can see the practical use of caustic soda. Be a part of these industries to learn more.

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