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Driers are one of the most important additives in paints that speed up the autoxidation process, improve the aesthetics and performance of the final product. With a wide range of driers we serve solvent and alkyd based paint and inks manufacturers. Prakash Chemicals custom manufactures paint driers in various concentrations, metal blends and solvents to meet customer needs and applications.


What are driers in paint?

The Paint drier is the material that will stimulate or accelerate the hardening or curing of the film formers that will contain oxidizable or drying oil components in the paint. These are also the convertible coating in the film, and it does not re-dissolve in the original carrier solvent.

When should drier be added to the paint?

The paint drier is the compound to be used with the paint when you are about to use the paint. As soon as drier is added to paint, it will start doing its action as a catalyst immediately. It will lead to the hardening of paint, decreasing workability.

What is the percentage of drier in paint?

When it is short coconut or amino short oil paint, you can use it up to 0.1 to 0.2 percentage of the total paint. When it is aluminium paint used for general purposes, you can use it from 0.2 to 0.3 percentages.

What are types of paint driers?

Commonly, there are three types of paint driers
  • Active drier
  • Auxiliary drier
  • Wetting drier
When you are using less amount of active siccative, it will reduce the surface drying and too less amount of auxiliary siccative will reduce the dry time. So, ensure you are using the right quantity.

What is the packaging type of paint driers?

Generally, the paint driers are packed in a closed container. There will not be any gap for air, and it will be completely sealed. When you want to use it, you have to remove the seals and use it following the instructions given.

What is the function of paint driers?

As the name indicates, the paint drier will help in drying ability of the paint over the surface. It contains oxidizable or drying oil components. The formulation of solid film at the ambient temperature will quickly dry up paint.

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