Analyzing the Increasing Yield of caustic soda in Dubai

May 17, 2022

The ever-increasing demand for caustic soda is inspiring numerous manufacturers and suppliers all across the globe to get into the business. The need for caustic soda in Dubai is already sky-high, leading to increased manufacturing procedures. However, there are still many people all across the globe who think that there is a relationship between caustic soda and soda ash.

Although soda ash and caustic soda have served as the alkalinity resource in the liquid scrubbing process of SO2 during flue gas production from crude oil-fired steam generators, the two have several differences.

Dense and light soda ash

When it comes to soda ash, there are two primary forms of soda ash light and dense. Here are the differences, in brief, to help you understand the distinction.
1) There is no difference in the chemical formulae of the two. But there is undoubtedly a difference in the physical properties. For instance, the density of soda ash light is 500- 600 kg/m3, while that of soda ash dense is 1000 to 1200 kg/m3.
2) The cost of soda ash density is higher.
3) While soda ash density results from the solid phase water method, soda ash light is the result of the chemical synthesis method.

So you can now assess the differences and decide on the application accordingly.

Caustic soda: A solution of sodium hydroxide

Caustic soda is the common name for sodium hydroxide or NaOH. The caustic soda in Dubai is also known as Iye, and it’s a derivative of sodium hydrate. The name is owing to the corrosive nature of the substance.

In pure form, caustic soda has a waxy texture and is available as a white solid. It can readily absorb water and form an aqueous solution. The commercially available form of caustic soda is originally the sodium hydroxide monohydrate or NaOH.H2O.

1) Pure caustic soda is an essential part of making soaps and candles. 
2) The chemical is present in drain cleaners.
3) As Iye is a common ingredient of some illegal drugs, it is challenging to buy vast chemical quantities. You will usually find small containers in offline and online stores. 

You can buy from reputed manufacturers who guarantee the quality of the flakes.

Uses of caustic soda

There are several uses of caustic soda in Dubai. In the following section will learn about the most common applications and uses.
1. The meaningful use of caustic soda is in the manufacturing of petroleum products. 
2. Pulp and paper manufacturing industries need considerable volumes of chemicals. 
3. Caustic soda works as a cleaning agent and is, thus, used in the manufacturing of washing soda.
4. The chemical is an ingredient in the making of soda lime.
5. The chemical also aids in aluminium extraction by the purification of bauxite. 

If you want to learn more about the uses, you have to research the individual applications further.

How vulnerable is caustic soda?

Although it's not a hazardous material, swallowing the product is harmful. Also, it will irritate the skin if you are already having sensitive skin or some other issues.

Making the flakes

The manufacturers of caustic soda in Dubai utilise the liquid caustic soda available from petrochemicals during thickening and consequent evaporation.
1) The liquid caustic soda manufacturers transmit 50% of liquid sodium hydroxide using special thanks to the flake manufacturers to produce the flakes. 
2) Then the liquid caustic soda enters the production process in the condensing liners here; the water evaporates and turns the caustic soda into a solid-state of 98-99%. 

Thus, all you have to do is to loom for the reputed caustic soda manufacturers in Dubai if you want to procure the same in bulk for industrial purposes.

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