Use Of Glucose Monohydrate In Food Industry

September 01, 2021

Glucose monohydrate, also known as dextrose monohydrate (C6H12O6), is the monohydrate version of D-glucose - a natural carbohydrate and monosaccharide. It’s a colorless sugar crystal that, in its purest form, is stable and odorless. When consumed by humans (orally), dextrose monohydrate replenishes lost electrolytes and nutrients in the body.

Dextrose Monohydrate is commonly known as Glucose Powder. It is derived from starch. Starch goes through hydrolysis and other enzymatic processes to produce this odorless, water-soluble, white crystalline powder. It is used as a sweetener in retail food items and beverages, as a healthier replacement for sugar.

Dextrose monohydrate is also the key ingredient in oral rehydration salts (ORS), used to treat diarrheal illnesses. This sugar is also used to produce intravenous (IV) fluids which provide nutrients to intensive care patients. Other than these helpful uses, glucose monohydrate is also used in various beverage powders.

Why is Glucose Monohydrate Used in the Food Industry?

Glucose monohydrate is not just the perfect sweetener in foods (as a healthy replacement for sugar). It offers direct health benefits. For example, beverage drinks that contain this stable, fragrance-free, white crystalline powder are known for restoring blood glucose levels.

Doctors frequently recommend dextrose monohydrate powder to give patients extra metabolic energy. That’s why this compound is extensively used in the food manufacturing and processing industry. It is much healthier than sucrose. Sucrose is commonly used to create baking, dairy, and canned products with preservatives.

Food items that contain dextrose monohydrates also aid in decreasing glycogen depletion inside patients’ livers. This sugar provides healthy doses of calories and exerts protein-producing actions inside our metabolic systems. These qualities make this dextrose powder ideal for achieving instant energy boosts.

Here are the features that make dextrose monohydrate (as a dietary monosaccharide) ideal for food manufacturing and processing -

1.It is safe and easy to digest.

2.It gives canned products with preservatives longer shelf lives compared to sucrose.

3.It is 75% as sweet as sucrose but much easier to manipulate during complex food production processes.

4.It can be used to flavor food items in combination with other sweeteners.

5.It is by far the simplest carbon source monosaccharide in terms of chemical complexity.

6.It has low levels of trace minerals.

7.It is a better preservative for food items that contain sugar as it doesn’t modify the natural flavors of the food.

8.After being used in food manufacturing or fermentation processes, glucose monohydrate leaves behind no leftovers or residues. There’s no need for additional purification.


Dextrose Monohydrate in the Food Manufacturing Industry – Key Applications

1.Dextrose Monohydrate is used to produce various beverages and baked goods. Frozen ice-creams, candy, gum, dairy products, and even alcoholic beverages feature this ingredient.

2.Recovering patients often consume dextrose monohydrate powder to aid their recovery. This compound gives them instant energy and stamina.

3.It’s used as nutritional supplements and sweeteners in infant formulas. It improves the nutritional value of children’s food products.

4.It has a high glycemic index and can instantly raise low blood glucose levels.

5.Athletes use food products and nutrition supplements containing glucose monohydrates to boost their energy levels after intense workout sessions.

6.In the confectionery and baking industries, this sugar is used to enhance yeast growth. In these industries, glucose monohydrate serves as a buffering agent.

7.Dextrose monohydrate is extensively used as a nutritional supplement in functional beverages that aim to provide users with added energy.

8.Many people use oral tablets containing this ingredient to give themselves instant energy boosts.

This sugar is the most extensively used fermentation substrate in the manufacture of various vitamins and amino acids found in organic food products.

Overall, glucose or dextrose monohydrate is a key ingredient in the modern food manufacturing and processing industry. Be it extending the shelf lives of food products or providing direct health benefits – this sugar is useful and applicable in many different ways!

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