What Is Methylene Chloride And What Are Its Uses?

November 15, 2021

Also known as dichloromethane, Methylene Chloride is a colorless, volatile liquid that comes with a chloroform-like odor. Its uses can be seen in multiple industrial processes and in various industries like paint remover manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturing, paint stripping, degreasing, and metal cleaning industries, and many more.

The common household uses:

This solvent is mainly found in varnish stripes and paint strippers. These are widely used for removing varnish coats or paint coats from various surface areas. Sometimes, experts can use this chemical to refinish bathtubs and give them a completely new look.

Use of Methylene Chloride in manufacturing or industrial sector:

Even though in a few parts of the world there has been a ban on using Methylene Chloride in the consumer household sector, but there is a growing demand for this product in the industrial sector. It can be used in the production of process solvents, pharmaceuticals, and paint strippers. Let’s focus on some of the industrial settings now.

Food and beverage sector:

This solvent can be used in processing spices and also to create hop extracts for the beer along with other flavorings for the beverage and food industries.

1. It is also used to be an extraction solvent in the beverage and food manufacturing sector.

2. You can see the use of Methylene Chloride in the beverage sector to remove caffeine from any of the unroasted coffee beans and the tea leaves. So, it is the main agent for manufacturing decaffeinated tea and coffee.

Medical sector:

1.Sometimes, Methylene Chloride is used for cleaning medical equipment quickly without causing any form of corrosion issues or even damage to the heat-sensitive parts.

2. Just like the beverage industry, you can see the use of Methylene Chloride in various laboratories. It is used for extracting chemicals from foods or plants for medicines like antibiotics, vitamins, and steroids.

Transportation industry:

The modernized version of the vapor degreasing technique will only work with the help of Methylene Chloride. It enables the metal parts to be cleaned quickly and in a safe manner, which are otherwise used in transportation systems.

1. Then you have automotive specialists using the vapor-based Methylene Chloride for the degreasing process. It helps in removing grease and oil from car transistor parts, aircraft components, diesel motors, and some other spacecraft assemblies.

2. You can degrease various kinds of metal parts and surfaces using Methylene Chloride, like the railroad tracks, airplane components, and equipment.

3. Methylene Chloride can further lubricate and degrease the products, as used in the automotive sector like removing gasket, prepping the metal items for new gasket, and more.

Focus on the safety notions:

Even though Methylene Chloride has its share of proficient uses, but this solvent must be used with certain safety notions. The OSHA will be the one monitoring and regulating the use of Methylene Chloride in multiple industrial sectors. The standard has set a rule of permissible exposure of 25 parts of Methylene Chloride per million air parts, and only for a period of 8 hours, not more than that. It is vital for employers to follow the OSHA standards for protecting workers, alongside proficient ventilation and use of respirators and some of the other safety gears.

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