Application of Hydrogen Peroxide in Mining Industries

September 06, 2021

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a colorless liquid chemical used in various industries and products. From over-the-counter (OTC) antiseptics to hair dyes, bleaches, toothpaste, and mouthwashes – various consumer and industrial firms buy hydrogen peroxide to facilitate critical manufacturing processes, including water treatment.

First discovered in 1818, this colorless liquid is the least complicated peroxide. To manufacture it, chemists make oxygen react with anthraquinone or isopropyl alcohol. When exposed to salts of metals like iron, copper, nickel, or manganese at high temperatures, it decomposes into water and oxygen.

That’s why the use of hydrogen peroxide solutions is so popular in the mining and metal extraction industry. Hydrogen peroxide is a clean and versatile chemical with an extensive variety of applications.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Key Chemical Properties

1.Chemical formula: H2O2

2.Boiling Point: 150.2 °C

3.Melting Point: -0.43 °C

4.Molecular Molar Mass: 4.0147 g/mol

5.Density: 1.05 g/cm3

Hydrogen Peroxide – Key Applications

Here are the industrial sectors that buy hydrogen peroxide and use it for critical functions –

Cosmetics: This chemical’s oxidizing property makes it ideal for use as a disinfectant. For instance, it can oxygenate teeth stains and increase their whiteness.

Packaging: It’s used as a microbiologically safe sterilizing agent inside manufacturing machines. For example, the areas of the manufacturing machines that come in contact with food items are covered with hydrogen peroxide to eliminate harmful microbes.

Pharmaceutical: In the medical field, this chemical is used as a bleaching agent.

Electronics Manufacturing: This chemical is the number one oxidizing and cleaning agent for printed circuits boards and semiconductors.

Food Processing: This chemical is available in different strengths (specified by the % of concentration with water). The most popular concentration of this chemical is 65% water and 35% H2O2. It’s commonly known as “35 hydrogen peroxide,” and it’s used extensively in the food processing industry.

35 hydrogen peroxide is called “food-grade” as it doesn’t contain stabilizers that may harm human health (acetanilide, tetra-sodium pyrophosphate, phenol, etc.). Manufacturers use the human-friendly 35 hydrogen peroxide to produce -



3.Teeth whitening products

4.Vegetable antibacterial washes

5.Vegetable preservatives

6.Cutting board disinfectants

7.Sponge cleaning products

8.Refrigerator cleaning products

Application of Hydrogen Peroxide in Mining Industries

Companies in the mining industry buy hydrogen peroxide and use it as an oxidizing agent and an oxygen source in extraction processes. For example, in gold production procedures, this chemical is used to prepare concentrates and for ore leaching.

The use of hydrogen peroxide solution solves a common mining problem – the chemical helps remove impurities like iron sulfides, pyrite, etc. Historically, these impurities have been very difficult to remove. This chemical also significantly increases the concentrations of the metals extracted from the ores.

1.Wastewater Treatment – Mining industry professionals, buy hydrogen peroxide and use it as a wastewater curing agent. The chemical removes cyanides from wastewater without forming toxic intermediates.

2.Increasing Metal Content – During the extraction of base metals (e.g., copper), mining companies use a technique called the “flotation process.” The ore is fused with water and then finely crushed. Adding hydrogen peroxide solution to aerate this mixture makes the ore particles float onto the surfaces. When you use hydrogen peroxide, the amount of ore particles generated in this process is at least 10-15% higher than average. This method is very popular in copper extraction processes.

3.Gold Production – Gold production processes across the globe rely on hydrogen peroxide solutions. It is used to increase oxygen concentrations in cyanidation processes. With increased oxygen, miners get to directly oxidize the gold ores.

Be it 35 hydrogen peroxide for food production or high-concentration hydrogen peroxide solution for mining purposes – this chemical always adds significant value for mine operators and manufacturing companies. Plus, this chemical is environmentally friendly. That’s why so many companies from various industries buy hydrogen peroxide and use it as a highly effective oxidant.

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