Precipitated Silica in Rubber Industry: Benefits and Uses

Rubber serves diverse industries, including automotive, construction, and industrial/consumer goods. Precipitated silica, a vital component in the rubber sector, acts as a reinforcing agent in both natural and synthetic rubber. This amorphous, white, powdery silica enhances rubber performance.

September 15, 2022

The rubber industry has been gradually progressing. And with modern technology and the latest developments, there has been a drastic change in the raw materials used to process rubber.

Rubber is used in various industries, from automotive to construction to industrial and consumer goods segments. Precipitated silica is an integral part of the rubber industry as it is used as a reinforcing agent in natural and synthetic rubber.It is an amorphous form of silica that is white in colour and powdery in nature.

The silica salt solution precipitates, leading to the formation of precipitated silica. There are mainly three main categories in amorphous silica. Namely, pyrogenic silica precipitated silica and silica gel.

A brief on precipitated silica

The primary source of precipitated silica is silicon dioxide, the crystalline form of quartz sand. It is just the synthetic form of amorphous silicon dioxide. The physical properties of the production of precipitated silica can be controlled in various ways to make it more efficient for high-performance products, and other end uses.

Benefits of using Precipitated Silica

Let us understand the benefits of using Precipitated Silica in your rubber product. For your information, the below-mentioned points will clarify the benifits.

1. In the case of industrial rubber products, Silica is used to enhance the abrasion resistance and rigidity of the product.

2. The tear resistance, tensile, and reinforcing strength is also improved when you add Precipitated Silica to the rubber.

3. The longevity, durability, colour retention, and translucence, along with better resistance to heat build-up, are some extra advantages that your rubber product will gain after incorporating Precipitated Silica to the rubber product.

Top 4 areas where this chemical is applied

The precipitated silica is primarily used in these four products to increase its shelf life and performance.

1. Tires
Mixing Silica with the rubber tire compound will improve the wet traction and fuel efficiency, thereby balancing the wear resistance. It will modify the cut, chip, chunk, and cut growth resistance; encourage adhesion to brass-coated wire and fabric cord, and boost the stiffness in the bead area and other non-tread applications.

2. Industrial rubber
Industrial rubber is mainly used for automotive engine mounts, conveyor belts, elastic thread, rubber-covered rolls, etc. The very reason for piling this product with industrial rubber is to provide the requisite hardness, reinforcing strength, colour maintenance, and enhanced chip and chunk resistance.

 3. Silicone rubber
All trusted precipitated silica manufacturers would embark on the quality, purity, and proven performance of precipitated silica products. 

The costs and processing of inefficiencies in silicone rubber compounders can be reduced with the help of precipitated silica.

The main areas where silicone rubber is applied are heat-resistant belts and hoses, insulation of wire covers, flexible and elastic gaskets, seals and O-rings and touchpads, and computer keypads.

4. Footwear
Precipitated silica is even a demanded product in footwear manufacturing units because of its netter colour and transparency for translucent soling; improved abrasion resistance in coloured heels and soles, improved crack growth and hot-tear resistance. 

The flexibility, comfort, and compounding stiffness of your shoes will be far better when this compound is blended during the manufacturing of the footwear.

After all, your investment should give you a good return in the future.

In case, you are engaged with the rubber industry, then you need to contact precipitated silica manufacturers to get premium quality products that will make your rubber product more robust and durable.

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