Detergent – The Present and Future

May 11, 2020

Detergent – In simplest form it is a group of Chemicals which are used for cleaning.

Hygiene – It is an inerasable part of life which we as humans are playing in our day to day life. Humans the most civilized creatures on globe consciously or unconsciously are maintaining hygiene conditions. We humans have a tendency to live and believe in healthful living. When we term hygiene than it is closely linked to personal hygiene and the most commonly names comes to our mind are Detergents and other cleansing agents.

We are not sure the kind of infections or diseases running around us but yes we know cleanliness of the body, clothing, housing and public areas and detergents available to make it healthier for human life. The housewife, hospitals, other public facilities, five star hotels to make sure detergents as part of everyday life for washing clothes and household appliances.

Firstly let’s have a view on types of detergents available to us:

  • Liquid Detergent – We humans chose to have smart life and so is the hygienic conditions and so is the Detergent Industry. The basic form was laundry soap and slowly and gradually converted to liquid ones. The most significant advantage is Shelf life and quick dissolving properties in water. They can directly be applied in Washing Machine for washing all types of clothes. A user can get better results from Liquid Detergent compared to powder Detergent.

  • Powder Detergent – Still the whole society has not absorbed the advancement of Detergent Industry and many are still consuming Orthodox detergents available like Laundry Bars and Detergent Powder. However still powder detergent name itself suggests as powder form is most widely used in households. It is quite economical and still housewives opt to have powder detergent as their laundry protector.

  • Detergent Cream – A new evolution where it comes in paste form and directly applied for desired performance. Formula is almost same as of Soap but content will be different. It is advancement in detergent industry but adaptation to this technology is quite slower and many such countries are not even aware about such evolution.

The Future

With the introduction of new washing machines and technologies and more advanced version of hygienic condition the expectation from Detergent Industry is high i.e. high performance with economical cost. The other pressure detergent industry is facing is eco friendly detergent which is a challenge. The increasing demand trend for Detergent is forecast to report strong growth driven by consumption in major emerging markets. More opportunities will be available between 2020- 2025 as majority companies will quickly be adaptive to the changes and emerging as Top performers and quick revenue generation with effective sales strategies.

Raw Material Cost – To have competitive advantages contribution of Raw Material prices are inevitable. Frequent and regular interval price checks are required to be monitored. Detergents are majorly consists of petroleum products which are fluctuating with crude price.
Appliance Technologies – Are we sure the detergent we purchase is based on our judgment. The answer is NO. With the changes in Technology Detergent industry is changing the formulation for effective results. The highly modified washing machines and dish washer will consume less power and water and so is the detergent which is required to be performed.
Pollution Control/Regulatory trends : With increasing concern of Global warming even Detergent industry is looking for the most effective detergent like No Phosphates. Developed nations prefer No Phosphates detergents which are eco friendly. Hence the biocide agents are added to restrict growth of melds and bacteria. With discharge of phosphates the aqua marine life gets completely disturbed and causes an imbalance in nature.

Role of Enzymes: The stains can be easily removed by washing clothes in warm water but heating water is another cost being added and less preferred by user. Looking into this challenges the Enzymes were added to improve the performance. The enzymes were added to remove protein from clothes soiled with blood, milk, sweat, grass, etc. far more effectively than non-enzyme detergents which reduced the cost of heating water.  
Conclusion: The era of modern techniques including washing machines has completely replaced the idea of bar soaps and laundry soap with Detergents. New era of thinking has lead to modifications in detergents and demands most economical detergents production. The global warming effect directly pressuring human community to control pollution which leading to frequent innovation in detergent industry. The traditional method of using bar soap is has been replaced by the idea of Detergents which has many advantages like high performance, cost saving, less pollution. All need of the hour is smart choice of detergents required to directly contribute in controlling the pollution.

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