Cetostearyl Alcohol

HS Code : 38237090 | CAS NO. : 67762-27-0

General description:

Chemical Formula: CH3(CH2)nOH

Cetostearyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol that is made up of stearyl alcohols and cetyl alcohol. Cetostearyl alcohol is a substance present in several cosmetic products. It's a waxy white liquid that solidifies at room temperature. Coconut alcohol, soy oil, and palm oil are examples of fatty alcohols derived from both vegetable and animal sources.

Cetostearyl Alcohol is also called "long-chain alcohol" because of its chemical formula. Fatty alcohols have an even number of carbon atoms and a single alcohol group (-OH) connected to the last carbon.

Cetostearyl Alcohol is also called palmityl alcohol and 1-hexadecanol. It is a common component in a range of cosmetics and personal care products.

In cosmetic products, Cetostearyl Alcohol acts as a stabilizer and emulsifier and prevents products from separating. On ingredient labels, Cetostearyl Alcohol is sometimes listed as C16-18 alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, or cetyl/stearyl alcohol.

Application & Usage:

  • Cetostearyl Alcohol is a non-ionic surfactant that performs a variety of functions in the personal care business. It can be used as an emulsion stabiliser and thickening agent to keep product ingredients from separating, as a fragrance component, opacifying agent, surfactant/emulsifying agent, surfactant/foam booster, as well as an aqueous and non-aqueous viscosity-increasing agent.
  • Cetostearyl alcohol is used as a food ingredient too, and may be employed as a flavouring agent or in food decorations. Cetyl alcohol, for example, is used in the pictures or colourful lettering on various varieties of sweets or gum.
  • In industrial applications, Cetostearyl Alcohol is utilised as a lubricant for nuts and bolts in manufacturing applications and is a main component in fuels, chemical intermediates, and plasticizers.
  • Cetostearyl Alcohol could be used in any product that you apply to your hair or skin and is commonly found in lotions, shampoos creams, and moisturizers.

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    Is Cetostearyl Alcohol good for hair?

    You probably dont need to avoid goods containing cetearyl alcohol unless your skin is really sensitive. Its not only non-toxic and safe to use on the skin and hair, but its also not drying or irritating like other types of alcohol. Cetostearyl Alcohol and other long-chain fatty alcohols offer smoothing and moisturising effects.

    What is Cetostearyl Alcohol?

    Cetostearyl alcohol, also known as cetearyl alcohol or cetostearyl alcohol, is a mixture of fatty alcohols, consisting predominantly of cetyl (16 C) and stearyl alcohols (18 C) and is classified as a fatty alcohol.

    What is Cetostearyl Alcohol used for?

    Cetearyl alcohol is used to soften the skin and hair, as well as to thicken and stabilise cosmetic items like lotions and hair treatments. Cetearyl alcohol, as an emollient, is thought to be a beneficial component for soothing and repairing dry skin.

    Where to buy Cetostearyl Alcohol?

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