Sulphuric Acid

HS Code : 28070010 | CAS NO. : 7664-93-9

General description:

Chemical Formula: H2SO4

Sulfuric acid also known as oil of vitriol, is a mineral acid composed of the elements sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen. It is a colorless, odorless, and viscous liquid that is soluble in water. Sulfuric acid is a very important commodity chemical, and a nation's sulfuric acid production is a good indicator of its industrial strength.

Application & Usage:

  • It is used in the production of Aluminum Sulphate
  • It is consumed for fertilizers, particularly superphosphates, ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphates
  • Used in by the iron and steel making industry to remove oxidation, rust and scale from


300Kg Drum


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