Sorbitan Tristearate

HS Code : 29157090 | CAS NO. : 26658-19-5

General description:

Chemical Formula: C60H114O8

Sorbitan Tristearate is produced by the esterification of Sorbitol with commercial edible fatty acids and consists of approximately 95% of a mixture of the esters of Sorbitol and its mono and di-anhydrides. This food additive is light cream to tan coloured, hard, waxy solid with a slight characteristic odour and bland taste.

Application & Usage:

  • Sorbitan tristearate is used as an emulsifier and stabiliser.
  • It is permitted as a food additive in bakery products, toppings and coatings, fat emulsions, milk and cream analogues, beverage whiteners, edible ices, desserts, sugar confectionery


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