Phosphoric Acid

HS Code : 28092010 | CAS NO. : 7664-38-2

General description:

Chemical Formula: H3PO4

Phosphoric acid, also called orthophosphoric acid, is a crystalline solid (melting point 42.35° C, or 108.2° F); in less concentrated form it is a colourless syrupy liquid. The crude acid is prepared from phosphate rock, while acid of higher purity is made from white phosphorus.

Application & Usage:

Phosphoric Acid is widely used in several industries including wastewater treatment systems, sugar refining processes, pre-metal treatments, anodizing processes, and much more. It is highly soluble in water and has a long shelf life. Phosphoric Acid can be used in several combinations for manufacturing soaps, activated carbons, detergents, and so on.

  • Provides harsh, biting taste which complements the cola flavor in carbonated beverages
  • As a degumming agent in edible oil and sugar refinery.
  • Acts as an acidulant for baking powders and emulsifying salts in the production of processed cheese

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What is orthophosphoric acid used for?

Orthophosphoric also is known as phosphoric acid is used to produce salts for fertilizers. It is also widely used in several industries like sugar and textile and it is also used in the preparation of albumin derivatives for dental cement.

What are the side effects of orthophosphoric acid?

Orthophosphoric acid makes side effects if any orthophosphoric acid supplier accidentally uses this without any precaution. It will cause burning of throat, tongue, stomach, and diarrhea. It may cuase damages after its contact with the direct skin which produce skin irritation and amy cause dermatitis

Is phosphoric acid strong acid?

No, the phosphoric acid is a weak acid, which is one of the inorganic mineral acids and it is prepared from phosphorus. It gives partial dissociation with water to form a lower concentration of H ion and its dissociation contact value is zero. Hence it is a weak acid.

Will phosphoric acid eat metal?

The acid is usually present in solid form when you buy from phosphoric acid manufactures. Phosphoric acid will not eat metals but it removes rust and corrosion. It completely removes the rust present in the metal but does not dissolve in it and the acid bonds with rust to form oxides and water.

What products contain phosphoric acid?

Most of the beverages contain phosphoric acid as a major ingredient and mainly dark-colored beverages contain this acid. Some of the fertilizers contain phosphoric acid and also present in some cleaning products such as dish wash and mainly in bathroom cleaner.

What does phosphoric acid do to skin?

The contact of phosphoric acid in your skin may cause redness and skin irritation. Sometimes it burns the skin and causes dermatitis. So one should avoid direct contact with this acid.


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