Phosphoric Acid

HS Code : 28092010 | CAS NO. : 7664-38-2

General description:

Phosphoric Acid Formula: H3PO4

Phosphoric acid is also known as orthophosphoric acid, is a crystalline solid. The phosphoric acid formula is H3PO4. It has a melting point of 42.35 °C. It is a colorless syrupy liquid in a less concentrated form. The phosphate rock is used to prepare the crude acid, while white phosphorus is used to get a higher purity of acid. It has a long shelf life and is highly soluble in water.

Phosphoric acid is a useful and most important mineral acid. Phosphoric acid comes under the weak acids category. In its purest form, it is a non-toxic acid. At room temperature, it turns into a solid, and its molar mass of 97.99 g/mol.

Phosphoric acid is a useful mineral and the most important acid. It is mostly available in the form of liquid (85%). Phosphoric acid is a non-volatile, odorless, and colorless liquid. As it is a weak acid, it can burn or cause irritation if it comes under skin contact. Also, it can damage membranes in the nose and the eyes.

Application & Usage:

  • Phosphoric Acid uses in many industries including sugar refining processes, wastewater treatment systems, anodizing processes, pre-metal treatments, and many more. Phosphoric Acid can be used in many blends for manufacturing activated carbons, soaps, and detergents.
  • Phosphoric Acid gives a biting and harsh taste which helps the cola flavours in carbonated beverages.
  • Phosphoric Acid uses as a degumming agent in sugar and edible oil refinery.
  • To produce cheese, it reacts as an acidulant for emulsifying salts and baking powders. Finest Phosphoric Acid Suppliers across the globe.

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    What is orthophosphoric acid used for?

    Orthophosphoric is also another name of phosphoric acid. It is used to produce salts for fertilizers. It is used in industries like sugar and textile. It is also used to devise albumin derivatives for dental cement.

    What are the side effects of orthophosphoric acid?

    Orthophosphoric acid can be harmful if it is used without any precaution. It can cause burning of the tongue, throat, stomach, and diarrhea. It can be harmful if it is in contact with the direct skin, which produces skin irritation can also cause dermatitis.

    Is phosphoric acid a strong acid?

    No, it is a weak acid, it is prepared from phosphorus and one of the inorganic mineral acids. Phosphoric acid is dissociation contact value is zero and forms a lower concentration of H ion with water.

    Will phosphoric acid eat metal?

    When you buy phosphoric acid from manufacturers, it is usually present in a solid form. It will not eat metals but removes corrosion and rust. The rust will not dissolve in it and the acid bonds with rust to form water and oxides.

    What products contain phosphoric acid(H3PO4)?

    Major beverages contain phosphoric acid as the main ingredient. Beverages that contain dark colors have this acid. It is also present in cleaning products like bathroom cleaner and dish wash liquid. Also, many fertilizers contain phosphoric acid.

    What does phosphoric acid do to skin?

    It may cause redness and skin irritation if it is in contact with skin. Many times it burns the skin and causes dermatitis. So try not to come in direct contact with this acid.


  • 35Kg, 330Kg Drum, 1000Kg IBC

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