Liquid Chlorine

HS Code : 2801 | CAS NO. : 7782-50-5

General description:

Chemical Formula: Cl2

Chlorine is the most important and abundant mineral on earth, it is produced from ordinary salt and liquid chlorine is produced by the electrolysis process which is formed after the liquefaction of the chlorine gas. It is the second lightest halogen, it is only two and half times heavier than air.

Liquid chlorine(cl2) is a highly reactive element and a strong oxidizing agent, which is utilized in a wide range of manufacturing processes.

At atmospheric pressure chlorine appears as a greenish-yellow gas, and it can damage skin and its gas form irritates the mucous membrane. Chlorine has high electron affinity & high electronegativity.

Application & Usage:

  • Liquid Chlorine(cl2) is used to disinfect swimming pools and kill bacteria from drinking water.
  • To get rid of the bad smell of putrefaction, Sewerage and waste treatment manufacturer of insecticides & pesticides, by chlorination of ethylene Disinfection and water treatment.
  • In the paper manufacturing industry, it is used for producing paper products.
  • In the medical industry, it is used to produce an antiseptic & medicine for control arthritis pain, lower cholesterol & relieve allergy symptoms.
  • It is used to produce plastics and dyes.
  • In the household, chlorine bleach is used to disinfect and whiten clothes, bathroom surfaces & kitchen.
  • In farming, Liquid Chlorine protects crops from pests. Also, in the kitchen, it keeps safe kitchen counters and other food-contact surfaces disinfected.
  • Chlorine purifies the silicon in grains of sand, which helps transform them into solar panel chips.
  • Blades of wind turbines are made of chlorine-based epoxy resins.
  • Chlorine used to manufacture plastic foam insulation which improves the energy efficiency of household products which lower the heating and cooling costs and GHG emissions.
  • Liquid Chlorine is also used to manufacture bullet-proof jackets for soldiers, parachutes, night vision goggles and cockpit canopies.

Need Liquid Chlorine(cl2)?
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Is liquid chlorine(cl2) volatile?

Liquid chlorine is unsteady in nature and as a result of fairly unlikely secondary exposure from exposed people, but chlorine gas liquefy on the skin and infects others through skin contact.

Why is chlorine gas green?

At room temperature, chlorine is a yellow-green gas. The chlorine gas concentration is around 2.5 times higher than air, which will cause it to stay closer to the ground in areas with low air movement.

Is chlorine a poisonous gas?

Yes, chlorine is poisonous in a gas form and harmful to the lungs. It can cause fluctuate respiratory tract acute damage because it has intermediate water solubility and smell can be detected easily due to its strong essence.

Is chlorine in drinking water safe?

According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), a permissible amount (up to 4 parts per million) of chlorine helps to clean water and is not harmful to health.

How long can you store liquid chlorine?

3-5 years
Chlorine has 3-5 years of shelf life if stored properly. It should ideally store at a cool and consistent temperature, the location should be a dry, tightly sealed bucket and bottle, and tight-closed inner bags to protect it from contaminants & moisture.

How long does liquid chlorine take to work?

In the pool, after adding water balancing chemicals, it suggests waiting for at least 20 to 60 minutes. Also, the Chlorine level should be 5 ppm after 24 hours, if you add a chemical, then it is safe to swim.

Does liquid chlorine raise pH?

When you add water in chlorine, it does not raise its pH level.

Where to buy liquid chlorine?

Prakash Chemicals International Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading exporters of liquid chlorine in India. We specialize in providing bespoke Liquid chlorine at the best prices and value propositions. Prakash Chemicals have a global reach in 118 countries and 70+ years of experience in chemical manufacturing and exporting.


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