HS Code : 2507 | CAS NO. : 1332-58-7

General description:

Chemical Formula: Al2H4O9Si2

Kaolin is a soft, odorless white to yellowish or grayish powder and plastic clay mainly produced by fine-grained plate-like particles. It is also known as China Clay or Clay Kaolin. The kaolin word derives from the Chinese name and means high ridge. It is produced by mixing kaolinite and other different minerals such as quartz, muscovite, anatase, and feldspar.

It is chemically static, non-abrasive, and has low electricity and heat conductivity. It is an essential additive in the mass-produce of china porcelain and china. It is significantly used in the making of rubber, paper, drying agents, and paint. It is insoluble in water but develops an earthy smell when wet.

Kaolin becomes plastic when mixed with it in a range of 20% to 35%. It is different from other industrial clays based on its excellent particle size and pure coloring. Its property to disperse in water makes it a complete pigment.

Kaolin's white color can either be naturally arisen or can come out after processing which removes minerals and other color compounds. It is found in the entire world, deposits with suitable whiteness, viscosity, and other characteristics are rare.

Application & Usage:

  • In the medical industry, Kaolin uses to treat mild-to-moderate diarrhea, severe diarrhea, cholera, soreness, induce blood clotting in diagnostic and swelling inside the mouth caused by radiation treatments.
  • In the ceramics industry, Kaolin uses as an important element to manufacture porcelain.
  • Kaolin uses as a light-diffusing material in white incandescent light bulbs.
  • In the paint industry, it is utilized to extend the titanium dioxide white pigment and modify gloss levels.
  • To increase the properties of rubber upon vulcanization.
  • In farming, it is used to prevent insect damage and to stop sun-scald.
  • Kaolin is an element for producing facial masks or soap and also, adsorbents in the wastewater treatment process.
  • In the paper industry, it serves as a paper coating process that helps to increase its gloss, smoothness & brightness as well as its printability. Moreover, Kaolin reduces the use of tree-based resources and the cost of filler materials.
  • Kaolin has other uses in manufacturing cable insulation, rubber, paint, fertilizers, and specialty films.
  • Kaolin adsorbs oil, which distinguishes its hydrophobic characteristics to the mineral surface.

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Is China clay the same as clay kaolin?

Yes, Kaolin is also named as china clay after the hill in China Kao-ling from which it was mined for centuries.

Is kaolin the same as calcium carbonate?

No, kaolin and calcium carbonate are different from each other. Kaolin is a clay and, on the other hand, calcium carbonate is a salt which can dissolve.

Is kaolin bad for skin?

Kaolin clay is beneficial for dry or sensitive skin, and it can be used safely on all skin types.

Is kaolin good to eat?

Kaolin is safe when taken in food amounts, but it can cause constipation when taken in a large amount on a daily basis.

What is kaolin made of?

Kaolin is produced by mixing kaolinite and other different minerals such as quartz, muscovite, anatase and feldspar.

What is kaolin and its uses?

Kaolin is a naturally found clay and can also be cerate in the lab. It is mainly used in the medical industry.

Where to buy clay kaolin?

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