Ethyl Acetate

HS Code : 29153100 | CAS NO. : 141-78-6

General description:

Chemical Formula: C4H8O2)

Ethyl acetate (also known as ethyl ethanoate) is an organic ester compound. It is a colorless liquid with a fruity characteristic odor that is commonly recognized in glues and nail polish remover. Ethyl acetate is extremely flammable with a flashpoint of -4° C and a flammability rating of 3 and is also highly miscible with all common organic solvents (alcohols, ketones, glycols, esters) but only slightly miscible in water.

Application & Usage:

  • Used in a variety of coating formulations such as epoxies, urethanes, cellulosics, acrylics, and vinyl.
  • Important solvent for nitrocellulose lacquers
  • Solvent-based flexographic and rotogravure inks
  • For the production of glues
  • Treatment of aluminum foils
  • In the manufacture of polyester films and BOPP films
  • Flexographic & rotogravure printing on flexible packagings
  • Used in the manufacture of cleaning fluids, nail-polish removers, and silk, coated papers, artificial leather, photographic films & plates.

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Does ethyl acetate kill bacteria?

Yes, ethyl acetate kills bacteria, it is an optimum organic solvent for concentrating bacteria. If ethyl acetate is added it affects the cell membrane of the bacteria, as well as forming an organic layer on the surface of your broth that restricts oxygen supply.

Why is ethyl acetate a good solvent?

Ethyl acetate is a good solvent, it holds good for proper separation within limited space. The ethyl acetate manufacturers provide this solvent to be used in vanishes, paints, lacquers, perfumes and cleaning mixtures. It is also used for decaffeinating coffee beans and this solvent used in the lab; it is a common solvent for column and thin-layer chromatography.

Will ethyl acetate remove acrylic nails?

Yes, ethyl acetate is better for you to remove acrylic nails where it is a strong aggressive solvent. You can get it from the ethyl acetate suppliers. The ethyl acetate weakens the adhesive so they don’t sit right, where its molecules of the solvent will force their way through the polymer molecules causing the polish to disintegrate. It smells better and works on real and fake nails.

Does ethyl acetate mix with water?

No, ethyl acetate does not mix with water because it is low soluble in water. Ethyl acetate is also known as ethyl ethanoate, it is rapidly hydrolyzed to ethanol and acetic acid. In cleaning products, it is used as a solvent or a water dilutable product.

Why is ethyl acetate used in extractions?

It is highly used in the extraction processes because of its chemical and biologic functions like medial polarity and minimum cell toxicity. The biphase actions of ethyl acetate enable it to extract both polar and nonpolar compounds; it is properly separated within limited space.

Is ethyl acetate hazardous to human?

If handled incorrectly, ethyl acetate is seriously hazardous to human. To avoid hazards to your health it should be stored and handled appropriately. So when handling ethyl acetate for your safety precaution it is recommended to wear safety glasses, glove and a vapour respirator.


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