Distilled Fatty Acid

HS Code : 38231900 | CAS NO. : 68308-53-2

General description:

Distilled fatty acid can be derived from various vegetable oils derived from soyabean seeds, rapseed, sunflower, mustard, etc. The composition of primary fatty acids used for the paint industry is the unsaturated C18 fatty acids linoleic acid (~60%), oleic acid (~25%), and alpha-linolenic acid (~5%). It also contains small amounts of saturated C18-C16 fatty acids like stearic acid and palmitic acid (~5% each).

Application & Usage:

Distilled fatty acids are mainly used for the obtaining of alkyd resins, through their condensation with glycerin and phthalic acid or malic acid, which have end application in paints and varnishes.

It is also used in a wide range of lubricant and functional fluids like gear oils and lubes, compressor oil, metalworking oils, and greases (automotive, machinery, rail curve, track).

Food-grade distilled fatty acid that is commonly used as cooking oil for frying and baking purposes. A secondary use is as a condiment for salads. In personal care products such as hair conditioners and skin creams, it is used as a conditioning agent.


  • 180 Kg Drum
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