Diphenyl Oxide

HS Code : 29093020 | CAS NO. : 101-84-8

General description:

Chemical Formula: C12H10O

Diphenyl oxide also known as DPO or diphenyl ether is a an organic compound with the chemical formula O(C6H5)2. Like other phenyl rings, diphenyl oxide is subject to various reactions like hydroxylation, halogenation, nitration, Friedel Crafts alkylation and sulfonation. Diphenyl oxide is a colorless sticky liquid with a pleasant odor. Diphenyl oxide may sink or float in water depending on its density.

Application & Usage:

  • Diphenyl Oxide is used for a variety of applications such as processing media, raw materials, or solvents in many industries, including chemicals, fragrances and petrochemicals.
  • Because of its odor reminiscent of scented geranium, as well as its stability and low price, diphenyl ether is used widely in soap perfumes.
  • Diphenyl ether is also used as a processing aid in the production of polyesters.


Is diphenyl oxide soluble in water?

No, Diphenyl oxide is insoluble in water. It dissolves in most of the common organic solvents. It is soluble in alcohol, chloroform, ethyl acetate, benzene, diethyl ether and glacial acetic acid. Diphenyl oxide can eventually react with oxidizing materials and is used for various applications such as processing media, raw materials or solvents in industries.

What are the storage conditions for diphenyl oxide?

Diphenyl Oxide is the organic compound used for a variety of applications. Store it in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place in an original well-sealed container. Keep diphenyl oxide away from potential sources of ignition and protect from sunlight. Follow the warnings on the label and store in accordance with local/national regulations.

Is diphenyl oxide dangerous for final end manufacturing product?

It may cause some issues, but you should routinely evaluate exposure to hazardous substances. You can reduce exposure by using local exhaust ventilation at the site of chemical release. When in work wear protective clothing and at the end of the work shift wash through immediately after exposure to chlorinated diphenyl oxide.

How does diphenyl oxide smell like?

Diphenyl oxide is the colourless liquid with a mild pleasant odour. Its smell is strong like pelargonia leaves, slightly phenolic, harsh-sweetish, reminiscent of camphor and anethole. The diphenyl oxide flavour is rosy, geranium-like, floral which is useful in savoury vegetables, fruity yellow, fruity tropical, sweet others.


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