Denatured Ethanol

HS Code : 22072000 | CAS NO. : 64-17-5

General description:

Chemical Formula:(C2H5OH

Ethanol (denatured), a primary alcohol, is a constituent of hairspray, disinfectants and cosmetics. It can be synthesized either from molasses by fermentation or by hydration of ethylene. It is made non-consumable by the addition of denaturants.

Application & Usage:

  • Some general uses of denatured ethanol include paint removal, pest control, disinfectant, and window cleaning. Denatured alcohol is also used as a starter fluid for camping stoves, and as an industrial solvent.
  • Used within cosmetics, as solvents, and as raw materials for processes.
  • Used in food as an additive
  • An antifoaming agent
  • A viscosity degreasing agent
  • An antimicrobial agent
  • Included to deodorants


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