HS Code : 28401900 | CAS NO. : 1303-96-4

General description:

Chemical Formula: Na2[B4O5(OH)4]·8H2O

It is a compound of the element Boron and is also a salt of the compound called boric acid. It occurs naturally as Evaporite, or as a combination of various hydrates of borax. Some of the major properties of borax are its high solubility in water, its ability to produce a yellowish green coloured flame when ignited, it acts a mild alkaline salt, its good chemical stability, and it has good buffering and fluxing properties.

Application & Usage:

  • Boron is an essential micronutrient for growth and development of healthy plants and in agriculture. The three main application methods include broadcast, banding and foliar applications.
  • It is most widely used as a pH buffering agent and a mild abrasive in products as diverse as cosmetic soaps, detergents, glass/metal cleaners, etc. It is also used in cosmetic items like lotions and creams as a crosslinking agent.
  • It is used to dissolve certain metal oxides in order to recover metals such as brass, copper, lead, and zinc.
  • Due to its ability to prevent ferrous metals from oxidising, they are used in coolants and antifreeze for automobiles.
  • It is used in starch formulations for making adhesives for corrugated paperboards and paper. It is also used for making dextrin based adhesives.


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