Benzyl Chloride

HS Code : 29039940 | CAS NO. : 100-44-7

General description:

Chemical Formula: C7H7Cl

Benzyl chloride, or a-chlorotoluene, is an organic compound with the formula C6H5CH2Cl. This colorless liquid is a reactive organochlorine compound that is a widely used chemical building block.

Properties of Benzyl Chloride:

  • Appearance: Benzyl Chloride is a faded yellow color liquid. It has a pungent and an aromatic odor.
  • Incompatibility: Benzyl Chloride is incompatible with major oxidizers, acids, iron, zinc, magnesium, tin, aluminum, and copper. However, it can polymerize with most of the common metals except nickel and lead.
  • First-aid: Benzyl Chloride when exposed to organs such as eyes, skin, respiratory system can cause irritation and irritability.
  • Exposure Limits: The exposure limits of Benzyl Chloride is C 1 ppm (5 mg/m 3 ) [15-minute] OSHA PEL: TWA 1 ppm (5 mg/m 3).

Application & Usage:

  • Benzyl chloride is used as an alkylating agent.
  • Industrially, it is the precursor to benzyl esters which are used as plasticizers, flavorants, and perfumes.
  • Quaternary ammonium salts, used as surfactants, are readily formed by alkylation of tertiary amines with benzyl chloride.
  • Phenylacetic acid, a precursor to pharmaceuticals, is also manufactured through benzyl chloride.
  • Benzyl Chloride is also used to introduce the Benzyl group to various carboxylic acids and alcohols as well as organic chemical synthesis.

Leading Benzyl Chloride Suppliers

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What does benzyl chloride smell like?

Benzyl chloride is the chemical that is colourless to slightly yellow liquid in appearance. Taking about the odour, it will offer pungent and aromatic smell. Its density is 1.100 gram per cubic cm. So, ensure you are choosing the right benzyl chloride suppliers as per your needs.

What is the difference between benzyl chloride and chlorobenzene?

You can find the difference between these two chemical compounds when you look at the chemical formula. The chemical formula is PhCH2CL for Benzyl Chloride and PhCl for chlorobenzene, where the basic difference is all about the functional group attached to it.

What is benzyl chloride used for?

Benzyl chloride is commonly used in industrial intermediate production of several materials. The primary purpose of it is to add benzyl to various molecules to change the respective chemical properties. You can find the compound from top Benzyl chloride manufacturers like prakash chemicals for the applications like plasticizers, sanitizing, pharmaceuticals, oil extraction materials, agrochemicals, biocides, heat exchanging fluids and several others.


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