Benzyl Chloride

HS Code : 29039940 | CAS NO. : 100-44-7

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Leading Benzyl Chloride Suppliers

Prakash Chemicals International is the leader in providing quality Benzyl Chloride across the world. We offer customized Benzyl Chloride grades in accordance with user-specific requirements such as specific impurity profiling, customized packaging, labelling etc. We are one of the oldest Benzyl Chloride manufacturers from India with tolling arrangements across 3 locations in India. With multiple subsidiary companies globally we have the largest distribution network and a wide variety of Benzyl Derivatives to meet client specific requirements.

We have long term relations with various end-users of benzyl chloride including global MNCs who have been sourcing benzyl chloride from us from over a decade. Our years of experience and professional expertise in the field make us one of the finest Benzyl Chloride Suppliers in India.

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What does benzyl chloride smell like?

Benzyl chloride has a pungent smell.

What is the difference between benzyl chloride and chlorobenzene?

You can find the difference between these two chemical compounds when you look at the chemical formula. The chemical formula is PhCH2CL for Benzyl Chloride and PhCl for chlorobenzene, where the basic difference is all about the functional group attached to it.

What is benzyl chloride used for?

Benzyl chloride is commonly used in industrial intermediate production of several materials. The primary purpose of it is to add benzyl group to various molecules to change the respective chemical properties. As a leading Benzyl chloride manufacturer, Prakash Chemicals is equipped to cater to applications like plasticizers, sanitizing, pharmaceuticals, oil extraction materials, agrochemicals, biocides, heat exchanging fluids and several others.


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