Benzyl Alcohol

HS Code : 29062100 | CAS NO. : 100-51-6

General description:

Chemical Formula: C7H8O

Benzyl alcohol is an aromatic alcohol with the formula C6H5CH2OH. The benzyl group is often abbreviated "Bn" (not to be confused with "Bz" which is used for benzoyl), thus benzyl alcohol is denoted as BnOH. Benzyl alcohol is a colorless liquid with a mild pleasant aromatic odor.

Tech Grade (99.5% Min)
Benzyl alcohol is one of the simplest alcohol that finds applications in a variety of industries, especially the fragrance and coating industry. It is a colourless liquid with a mild pleasant odour, low volatility, and low toxicity that makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications for chemical synthesis for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, personal care, and other similar industries.

Application & Usage:

  • Personal Care: Benzyl alcohol is used as a preservative in the personal care & cosmetics industry for lotions, sunscreens, soaps, etc.
  • Fragrance: Benzyl alcohol is used as a fixative and solvent for a variety of fragrances and perfumes. Benzyl alcohol is also a precursor to various flavours and fragrance products like benzyl benzoate and acetates.
  • Coatings: Due to its low volatility and toxicity, benzyl alcohol is an ideal solvent for coatings, epoxy hardeners, lacquers, and paints.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Benzyl alcohol is used as a preservative in injectable drugs
  • Chemical Synthesis: Benzyl alcohol is a commonly used intermediate in the chemical industry to add phenyl/benzyl groups to products. It is used in manufacturing of esters used as an intermediate in the synthesis of the polypeptide. It is also used in the production of benzyl chloroformate.
  • The derivatives of benzyl alcohol are used in various pesticides, APIs, photosensitive materials, and so on.

Prakash Chemicals International is one of the largest custom benzyl alcohol manufacturers in India with long term toll manufacturing arrangements. As a key benzyl alcohol supplier we are well equipped to supply all grades of benzyl alcohol including the FCC (Free of Chlorine) and the Technical Grade [>99.5%] to cater to users in various fields.

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Is benzyl alcohol a hazardous chemical?

Benzyl Alcohol vapor Inhalation may cause irritation of upper respiratory tract. Prolonged or excessive inhalation may result in headache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In severe cases, respiratory stimulation followed by respiratory and muscular paralysis, convulsions, narcosis and death may result. Ingestion may produce severe irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, followed by nausea, vomiting, cramps and diarrhea; tissue ulceration may result. Contact with eyes causes local irritation. Material can be absorbed through skin with anesthetic or irritant effect. Strictly follow the guidelines of Benzyl Alcohol manufacturers provided in the MSDS.

Does benzyl alcohol occur naturally?

Benzyl alcohol occurs in several plants including tea, daffodil, peppermint, blueberry, gardenia, some roses, narcissus and peony. Contact us for requirements of synthetically manufactured Benzyl alcohol

What is a suitable extinguishing media for benzyl alcohol?

If Benzyl alcohol containing material is on fire, there are multiple options which benzyl alcohol suppliers suggest such as using water in flooding quantities, "alcohol" foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide.


  • 210Kgs Galvanized Steel Drums, 230Kgs HM HDPE Barrels, 1 MT & 820Kgs HM IBC’s and ISO Tank 220Kg Drum
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