The Building Blocks Of Innovation

Research & Development Lab

Infrastructure Research & Development Lab PCIPL

Our R&D lab is where innovation is envisioned, experimented and brought to life by the best minds in the industry. It is equipped with the latest technology, state-of-the-art equipment and a pilot plant with all the facilities needed to scale-up processes. The centre also has a synthetic organic lab, analytical method developing lab and application development support lab. In addition to our in-house team of scientists and technicians, we also outsource valuable inputs from reputed scientists from various prestigious institutions. The R&D lab is driving the company’s vision of building a wide range of in-house researched performance and specialty chemicals for our ‘PRO’ range of products.

Application Development Centre

Application Development center PCIPL

The ADC at PCIPL works closely with our customers’ R&D departments to deliver customized solutions. Our extensive network of pharmacists, chemists and formulators have the experience and the expertise to deliver solutions that are compatible with the most demanding of manufacturing environments. Our range of offerings span from application assistance, raw material and ingredient recommendations to formulation advice and regulatory help. We provide service at every step of the way.

Blending, Repacking and Warehousing

Blending, Repacking and Warehousing PCIPL

The sprawling PCIPL unit in Dahej SEZ is spread over 250,000 sqft. It provides customers various value-added products and services such as customized performance blends, quality-controlled custom manufacturing, just-in-time stocking for immediate dispatch as well as specialized packaging solutions. This ISO certified unit is equipped with multiple storage tanks for storing bulk chemicals which act as feedstock for many of our contract-manufactured products. The unit also houses a state-of-the-art Quality Control lab, blending stations, automated repackaging systems and a pilot plant for process optimization.

Certification: ISO 9001:2015 14001:2015

Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant PCIPL

PCIPL’s Pilot plant is a major step forward in product development process optimization. The facility is located at Dahej SEZ, our customisation and application development centre in Gujarat, India. The pilot plant is designed to validate and develop innovative processes to enhance the performance of chemicals that matches specific needs of customers across industries.

Quality Control Lab

Quality Control Lab PICPL

At every step of the process, we aim for perfection.
In-process quality inspection is performed at each stage, with documented control. Quality of the product is precisely monitored from the receipt of the material to its final stage. This ensures that customers are delivered products with the highest quality, reliability and performance.