Adding a new Career Dimension – Millennial Workforce

July 18, 2020

Organizations continuously grapple with the challenge of finding out ways and means by which they can keep the employees engaged in the workplace and help in making their careers more “fulfilling”. While monetary rewards are a product of employee achievement against the pre-decided goals, these days career discussions have started taking center stage. It needs to be emphasized that being “Fulfilled” at the workplace has added a new career dimension since it is more to do with intrinsic job satisfaction, the unabated flow of creative ideas and avenues to explore new career opportunities within the organization. While this could be tricky at the organizational level since this requires aligning individual expectations with departmental and company goals but accrued benefits are significantly higher at the company level in terms of improved retention ratio, leveraging skills for new projects and developing a talent pool for meeting any business exigencies.

At Prakash Chemicals, we understand and acknowledge this fast-emerging need of the employees given that 84% of our workforce are millennials. It does not come as a surprise when Delloitte “Global Millennial Survey – 2019“ outcome reveals that the top 3 reasons for millennial leaving organizations are Financial rewards (43%) followed by Lack of Advancement opportunities (35%) and Absence of learning and development opportunities (28%) The company has steadfast year on year growth between 25-30% by resting their laurels on back of talent hired from the college campus and relentlessly investing in them through learning & development programs as wells providing various platforms to showcase their skills and abilities. At PCIPL people and culture are at the core of all its initiatives. A clear testimony of this philosophy is employees who had joined as trainees and steadily grown internally to become heads of their respective divisions. The company has a robust talent development program that designs an individual development plan by mapping internal talent with the company’s new projects and initiatives. Identified talent is put on an accelerated growth path during which they are assigned various projects, given cross-functional experience and encouraged to enroll for various certification programs so that they are prepared for future roles. The career opportunities are not restricted to a particular department but can expand to global assignments like developing emerging markets and ensuring PCIPL’s foray into new markets.

The company keeps looking for enterprising talent who has the potential and ability to contribute in the next growth journey and we stand committed to staying invested in our most valuable capital called “Human Capital“.?