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International Marketing Specialist


Associate Manager - Marketing



Job purpose

International Marketing Specialist

Duties & responsibilities

    • Developing product wise business plan for achieving targeted sales and profitability
    • Developing Marketing strategy based on business plan of the company
    • Identifying New markets and New Customers for the targeted products
    • Increasing market share of products
    • Branding of Company and its products, services and device reach out plan
    • Relationship building and retention plan for existing customer
    • Building product, industry and market understanding and knowledge
    • Finding new application for product
    • Timely Sales positions based on market intelligence
    • Increasing share of contractual customers
    • Identifying newer value proposition for customers and devising plan to deliver
    • Quality and timely delivery of product to customer
    • Lead, inquiry and order management
    • Identifying USP, differentiators of the proprietary product and communicating to customers
    • Periodically review the performance of team and ensuring direction setting, corrective and appreciative feedback, budgeting for the department and monitoring with diverse culture and location
    • Reviewing the Business on a regular interval
    • Order risk review and managing risk return ratio
    • Market representation and agreement to augment sales
    • Receivable management
    • Customer satisfaction and complaint redressal
    • Cross functional Interface with Sourcing-Risk-Finance-Logistics-Operation
    • Managing branch operations


B.Com/BBA/B.E./B.Tech + MBA Marketing


Entrepreneurial bent of mind, Strong techno commercial acumen, Networking, Ownership & Commitment, Respect, Team work & Collaboration, Relationship, Maturity & Adaptability, Good at understanding of critical requirement of customer, Intuitive, Communication