Tri Basic Lead Sulphate

HS Code : 28332990 | CAS NO. : 12202-17-4

General description:

Chemical Formula: O7Pb4S

Tri Basic Lead Sulphate, abbreviated into TBLS is a chemical in white powder form. It contains low molecular weight and moisture content. It constitutes about 87 to 89% Lead. TBLS is mostly used along with a lubricating substance like Calcium Stearate or DBLS.

Application & Usage:

  • Due to good flow properties Tribasic Lead Sulphate is used for making PVC and Board products (Stabilizer of Plastic PVC Products) e.g. rubber, cables, pipes, artificial leather and other products are made using it.
  • Tribasic Lead Sulphate is used in cable sheathing due to good electrical properties.
  • Tribasic Lead Sulphate is used in production of Pipes for conveyance of gases and liquids and Injection moulding.


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