Toluene Diisocyanate

HS Code : 29291020 | CAS NO. : 584-84-9

General description:

Chemical Formula: C9H6N2O2

TDI is an important intermediate in the production of flexible polyurethane foam. TDI is obtained by the nitration of toluene. The hydrogenation of di-nitro toluene is then obtained to produce Toluene Diamine (TDA), which is, in turn, reacted with phosgene to form TDI. TDI is a clear, pale yellow liquid with a sharp, pungent odor. It is combustible only at high temperatures but burns to produce toxic gases (cyanides and nitrogen oxides). It is volatile, producing toxic concentrations at room temperature. The utmost care and safety measures have to be taken working with polyurethanes' production

These are also used to produce proinflammatory cytokines and the secretions of chemokines coming from bronchial epithelial cells.

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Application & Usage:

  • Toluene Diisocyanate is a vital raw material for flexible polyurethane foam, for use in cushions, mattresses, garments, pads and gloves and packaging materials.
  • TDI is used in polyurethane coatings for automotive refinishing, wood finishes, and high-performance anti-corrosion coatings.
  • TDI is also used in PU based alkyd paints, wood varnish, floor treatment and wire and powder coating.
  • TDI is also used as shock absorbers

Some niche areas of its applications:

  • Elastomers: this is a rubber-like polymer that has a stretching capability of multiple hundreds of percent. Simultaneously, polymers can also return to their original shape and size when the stress that has been applied while stretching is released. These have high melting and boiling points. They find their applications in lightning applications, for wheels in skates, for printing rollers, abrasion-resistant sheathings in mining steel, and many other paper industries.

Toxicity Effects of Toluene Diisocyanate:

  • These have toxic effects in respiratory tracts: they may induce asthma in humans.
  • Eye infection
  • Skin irritations and infections

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How is toluene diisocyanate used in making foams?

The reaction of toluene diisocyanate with polyol produces the foam. By the slab stock foaming process the majority of flexible foams are produced. Here the mixture of polyurethane raw materials is dispensed onto paper linings where it gradually expands into a large bun of foam. These are then cut into blocks.

Are diisocyanates safe?

Like any substance, the use of diisocyanates is safe when chemicals are handled according to relevant risk management and safety measures. It is also important to emphasize on the fact that virtually no diisocyanates can be found in finished articles; hence, there is no consumer exposure.

Why is Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI) important?

TDI is used in the production of polyurethanes, primarily for flexible foam applications, including bedding and furniture, carpet underlay, as well as packaging applications. TDI is also used to manufacture coatings, adhesives, Elastomers, and sealants. In transportation applications, TDI is used to help make automobile parts lighter, leading to improvements in vehicle fuel efficiency and thus energy conservation.

How to store toluene diisocyanate?

When delivered in drums, temperature should not fall below crystallization point. Exposure to intensive sunlight should be avoided. This has to be separated from the food and feedstuffs. The ideal storage temperature is between 20 °C and 25 °C. For more information, please request us for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


  • 250Kg New Mild Steel Drums

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