Styrene Acrylic Copolymer

HS Code : 3906 | CAS NO. : 9010-92-8

General description:

Styrene Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion is a water-based dispersion emulsion of styrene acrylic copolymer. It is a surfactant stabilized colloid free emulsion that has excellent pigment loading characteristics, alkali resistance, and good binding capacity to hold texture aggregates.

Because of their excellent pigment binding characteristics, interior and outdoor paints employ styrene-acrylic copolymers as binders. Styrene acrylate copolymers provide perfect gloss, film strength, durability, and chemical resistance. Acrylic styrene emulsion-based coatings provide high UV stability and water and alkali resistance. They are incredibly durable. It's vital to know that adding styrene to styrene-acrylic copolymers can reduce the film's water absorption and flexibility. This type of coating requires relatively little maintenance due to its low dirt-pickup propensity and outstanding film flexibility and durability.

Application & Usage:

  • As coating binder in water based paints for architectural paints (interior and exterior applications)
  • Offering strong adhesion, excellent pigment loading characteristics & alkali resistance properties.
  • Mainly used in the interior latex paint, interior
  • Ceramic tile adhesives, fillers, putties, and elastomeric roof coatings are items made from styrene-acrylic copolymer
  • Glass-fiber secondary binder applications, such as wall coverings, are also used.
  • Styrene acrylate copolymers offer excellent gloss, film strength, durability, and resistance to removal by detergents.
  • Styrene acrylate emulsion-based coatings provide high UV stability and resistance to water and alkalis.
  • Styrene acrylate copolymers are considered a significant component of floor finishes.
  • Majorly used in architectural/decorative paints for interior and exterior wall coatings, gloss paints for kitchen and bath, façades, etc. Followed by the wood and furniture industry.


What is acrylonitrile styrene used for?

Chemical composition gives acrylonitrile styrene high stiffness and rigidity. This is why its common in applications that require rigidity and stiffness, such as wind bobbins in the electrical engineering sector. Compared to other styrene variations, Styrene Acrylonitrile resins are translucent, which is why they are utilised to make transparent components.

What is styrene-acrylic paint?

Styrene acrylic paint contains styrene acrylic copolymer due to its high-quality pigment binding characteristics, and it is utilised as a binder for interior and outdoor paints. Architectural or ornamental paints for interior and outdoor wall coatings and gloss paints for kitchen and bath. The paint has a semi-glossy to a glossy appearance. It offers superb texture development when used in textured emulsion paints.

How is styrene-acrylic made?

Acryl-based monomers combine with styrene to create styrene-acrylic polymers through emulsion polymerization, which leads to polymer reactions. The vast range of acrylic monomers, when coupled with styrene, may form random copolymers with particular glass transition temperatures, which contributes to the versatility of this class of polymers. Because of the wide range of specific characteristics that may be obtained, styrene-acrylic polymer emulsions are widespread in any market where water-based systems are employed.

Where to buy Styrene acrylic copolymer?

Prakash Chemicals International Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading exporters of styrene-acrylic copolymers. We specialize in providing bespoke styrene-acrylic copolymers at the best prices and value propositions. Prakash Chemicals have a global reach in 118 countries and 70+ years of experience in chemical manufacturing and exporting.


  • 50Kgs HDPE open top carboys / 220Kgs HDPE Drums
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