Sodium Cyclamate

HS Code : 29251100 | CAS NO. : 139-05-9

General description:

Chemical Formula: C6H12NNaO3S

Sodium Cyclamate is an artificial sweetener which is 30 to 50 times sweeter than sucrose also known as table sugar. Cyclamate is the sodium or calcium salt of cyclohexanesulfamic acid which is processed by the sulfonation of cyclohexylamine. Sodium Cyclamate s less expensive than most sweeteners, including sucralose, and is stable under heating.Sodium cyclamate has several key advantages like excellent stability, tooth friendly, Synergistic with other sweeteners and it is Complementary with fruit flavors.

Application & Usage:

  • It is about 300 times sweeter than sucrose and is stable within a wide range of temperatures
  • Low-calorie, sugar-free and diet foods use saccharin as a sweetening agent to replace sugar
  • It has a wide range of uses, including in diet drinks, s


  • 25Kg Bag
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