Poly Aluminium Chloride

HS Code : 28273200 | CAS NO. : 1327-41-9

General description:

Chemical Formula: Aln(OH)mCl3nm

Poly aluminium chloride is a high-quality and best-performing poly aluminium chloride (PAC) based coagulant. It is carefully formulated for municipal, commercial, industrial & manufacturing process applications for the treatment of water.

Poly aluminium chloride is also called PAC. It has a very high price, and it is more effective at removing suspended materials and destabilization than other aluminium salts. It is exported in the form of powder or liquid.

It is a structured coagulant with a low generation of waste sludge at low temperatures in a wide pH range.

PAC is a range of versatile inorganic polymers, and it is characterized by strength & basicity.

Poly aluminium chloride has more advantages than traditional coagulants, like alum or iron salts. It is pre-neutralized & has a charged density higher than traditional.

Application & Usage:

  • In industry and municipal use for water treatment & purification process. Poly aluminium chloride removes settling of suspended materials and anionic colloidal impurities from drinking water, industrial effluents and sewage.
  • PAC is utilize in chemical industry for removal of residual colour, Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Organic Carbon (TOC) & Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).
  • In the paper industry, PAC is used as a pigment and filler in the manufacturing process, also for paper-making glue and printing and dying.
  • In the oil refining industry, PAC is used in an oil-water separation process.
  • Poly aluminium chloride kills germs, moulds and bacteria by reacting with microbial cells to destroy many pathogens and irreversibly denature them.

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How is poly aluminium chloride made?

In the poly aluminium chloride manufacturing process, it is required to mix hydrogen chloride with aluminium hydroxide at low temperature & a sulphate-containing press cake.

Is Poly aluminium chloride toxic?

No, it is not toxic. Poly aluminium chloride is not classified as dangerous for the environment, its relevant pH is 5, 5 – 8. The solubility of aluminium is low.

What is Poly aluminium chloride coagulant?

Poly aluminium chloride (PAC) coagulant is used in water and water waste treatment, and it is made by partial hydrolysis of acid aluminium chloride solution using a specific reactor.

What is Poly aluminium chloride formula?

Chemical formula for Poly-aluminium chloride is Aln (OH) mCl3n-m.

What is the price of poly aluminium chloride?

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What is code for poly aluminium chloride?

In accordance with the BIS Regulations, 2018, an Indian Standard Mark IS 15573: 2018 to Poly Aluminium Chloride


  • 25Kg HDPE bags and 800 kgs Jumbo bags
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