Liquid Glucose

HS Code : 17023010 | CAS NO. : 8029-43-4

General description:

Chemical Formula: C6H12O6

Liquid glucose is colorless or light yellow, viscous syrup that is derived from purified corn starch through hydrolysis by the double enzyme method, decoloration, ion exchange and purification. It has a moderately sweet flavor and is a starch sugar product that is widely used in the food industry. Liquid glucose has high viscosity, humidity, sweetness and pervasion. It also has such advantages as anti-crystallinity and a lower freezing point. It is widely used in candy and beverages.

Application & Usage:

  • It is to prevent their cane sugar ingredient from crystallizing, which is ensured by the presence of dextrins in the glucose syrup
  • Used in candy confectionery and sweet making
  • Is a major ingredient of hard boiled candies, glucose biscuits, jams, jellies, chewing gums and canned fruits


  • 300Kg Drum
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