Emulsifying Wax (Anionic)

HS Code : 34049090 | CAS NO. : 8014-38-8

General description:

Emulsifying Wax Is The Chemical Used To Bind Oil And Water Together To Form A Smooth Lotion, Crème Or And Emulsion. Basically Emulsifying Waxes Work On A Molecular Level, And Attract Both Water And Oil At The Same Time. In Chemical Language, Water Is Known As A Polar Material And The Things That Like Water Are Also Called Polar Materials Also Termed As Hydrophilic. The Materials Which Are Known As Hydrophilic Are Water Loving Materials And Non-Polar Materials Known As Hydrophobic Are Water Hating Materials.

Application & Usage:

Anionic Self Emulsifying Wax Is Useful, Economic And General Purpose Emulsifiers Suitable For Cosmetic And Pharmaceutical Applications.


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