Emulsfying Wax (Non Ionic)

HS Code : 34049090 | CAS NO. : -

General description:

Non Ionic Self Emulsifying Wax is a Self-Emulsifying Cream Base. Its Appearance Is White, Odorless, And Is Suitable For The Preparation Of Ointments, Lotions, Crèmes And Also Liquid Emulsions. Non Ionic Self Emulsifying Wax Is Prepared From High Purity Cetearyl Alcohol And Polysorbate 60 Providing Excellent Stability. The Amount Of Non Ionic Self Emulsifying Wax To Be Used Depends On The Consistency Of The Emulsion You Need Whether Thick Or Thin.

Application & Usage:

Self-bodying emulsifying wax which is used for most emollient materials employed in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, producing highly stable emulsions. Used In The Manufacturing Of Creams, Lotions, Shampoos, Sunscreens, Pharmaceutical Ointments And Many Other Medicinal And Cosmetic Products.


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