Color Speckles

HS Code : 34029099 | CAS NO. : 9004-32-4

General description:

  • The Colour speckles is determined by the activity of mixing Sodium Sulphate & Sodium Chloride, Sodium Silicate & Colorant. The particles are homogeneous in appearance, size & colour and gain very strongly, so they will not get crushed into powder.
  • Colour speckle is fully soluble in water, it does not leave any surplus at any stage. It has non-staining properties including a powder, hydratable, water-soluble, inorganic alkaline salt accumulates along with an anionic surfactant paste as the adhesive chemical has a colouring agent.

Application & Usage:

  • Color speckles are added 1%-3% directly into detergent powder to increase the visual effect, so to attract consumers.
  • Color speckles are used to enhance the competitive advantage in the laundry detergent powder market as an additive and decorative use.
  • A coloured speckle composition used in a tablet which is based on sodium chloride.
  • The speckles have excellent dissolution properties, and no staining of fabrics while washed. The color speckle is used in white powder as well as powder has a contrasting colour.

Need Color Speckles?
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How to store colour speckles?

The colour speckles are kept in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from other substances in a tightly closed container.

How do you make speckle detergent?

To create a colour speckle to use in detergent manufacturing, first spraying particulate material with a watery solution of colourant characteristics, then the solution also has a hydratable salt, and the particulate material onto which the solution is sprayed contains a spray-dried detergent base powder.

What is a colour detergent?

Colour detergent is a specially created colour protector that has been designed to help prevent colours from fading. It contains enzymes, so it should be good at removing stains.


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